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Related article: U003cHTML u003e u003cHEAD u003e u003e u003cTITLE Brian and Me 2 u003c Lolita Nude / title u003e u003c / HEAD u003e u003cBODY u003e u003Cp u003e Disclaimer: ? You know these schpeal, do not be silly... Please u003c / p u003e ote u003Cp u003e Author : Remember guys, I have are for you, and I'd love to hear from you too, and if call me... oh, how I can do that? Stay out of my face licking flames in touch with you? U003c / p u003e u003Cp u003e " I hate to be short," complained that while walking through the halls of my high school, with my great friend Steven, who I he said with that stupid smile : Entered "It's not so great, great," muttered something, and I still listen to the band. I really liked the band in the band, not to the preparation or a nerd, just the people every time you screwed up. "Hey Ryan! " Nolan greeted me when I sat down. Nolan Lolita Nude and I were the only two trumpeters of our class, which was quite large and quite handsome, but it was a total preparation, wearing all the clothes prepy and had the same stupid spiky hair, but in a different way, hehe. "Well, well, it seems Band? Sat a little empty, go today, " I said," Let's see the drug addicts ? Evan and Mike, the bad and flutes, "it seemed that all the space said," You mean all pipes, right, " laughed a bit of humor if you have to love band u003c / p u003e u003Cp. ! u003e But I digress, my name is Ryan, I have 15 years and in grade 10, grade 10 and I 'm 11 now finished a little short of 5'5 "and thin, with a nice 4 almost 6 pack, mainly because I'm Lolita Nude too thin. This was the last day of school, and met with the band to a close, a good way to do it at the end of the year to put away tools and nothing for an hour. when finished, I'm ready to go home, I was sick of the boredom of school. "See " Round Nolan, "I said, waving out of the kind of band, like Brandon, an average size of Asia and Steven went on to take over some more ( yay). " What? "I said, annoyed, and wanted to go home so bad. " We have to go during the summer, " Steven twitter clearly see my anger grows. " We should, but not now, go away "When I went on my bus and sat 6 seat ( where he always sat ), said he would use it, by Javier, Pedro and Blaine, three idiots that being grade 8 friends who smoked and took drugs now ( I can see why I'm not your friend no longer there). "Hey Faggot ! "Laughed Blaine " Blaine, just like I was not gay by the way, " I growled at him when he kicked out of my way " does not mean, Ryan! He is an idiot! " Brandon Myles voted quickly secured in the seat beside me. Brandon and I were friends since the fifth grade, and since then it upsets your happy and carefree attitude led to their eggs. " Can we come? Pweeeassseee "he asked," Do not go away, if you want bugs in my home, I'm an ant in the landfill couch, " I replied, and read my book opened a little more. He did the same and calm, is that we were both nerds and very good in school. u003c / p u003e u003Cp u003e When I go home, came to my regret, our internet service was dead, so the neighbours, oddly enough, so I hopped on my bike and went in the dirt road behind my house and I thought if I had time to kill biking on site unpaved roads that are closed, as it opens a new path, unless they were this time, there was a young guy, sits on the pond had to face in the soil near the ground, his back to me, so all I could see was that his hair blond and wore a green t shirt. I went by chance, trying to give a good impression is that he was hard pressed to find friends. He heard my shoes crisis in some dirt and looked at me and smiled. It was so sweet, I had a perfectly clean face (I had a few pimples. " (Well... ) and well, actually, nothing cute, he got up and reached into the greeting that was really struck with this, this hot guy in front of me, too well. "Hey," he said cheerfully, " Hello," joked my voice chuckled and shook my hand, my hand was so soft and warm, I wanted to keep it as long as possible. Look, I had nHave you ever thought of myself as gay, but no love for the opposite sex, so I think I've tried the other side. " Therefore, whoever he is ?" I asked how he was sitting next to him, turning on my helmet to reveal my long brown hair and "low" ( or so I hear ), brown eyes. He smiled and winked, a beautiful green eyes staring into the eyes. "I 'm Brian, I just moved here from California," which had a beautiful voice, soft but still a teenager. "Who are you?" He asked, "Uhh... I'm Ryan, nice to meat you " I said as I scratched my head. "I've never been to school, when did you move ? " I asked, trying to make conversation with the hot guy next to me. He leaned back and said quietly: "I moved here a week ago he was about to go to the last week of school, but I 'd rather stay home and play in my team," he smiled at me. I moved the leg toward your chest, to feel a cramp begins to grow. "That makes sense, I heard that! " I laughed, I was a geek too, unless it was strange,This child is nicely browned. I was still in awe of him, very easy to install his muscular arms poking a perfect size green patterned T -shirt and blue jeans with the exact same shoes he was wearing Airwalk Kicks Hi. U003c / p u003e u003Cp u003e He yawned, stretched and let his legs fall to the ground. I could not stop looking at their own pace, except I could not see, is that he would not wear skinnies, another thing I liked about this guy I met for 3 minutes (yes, unfortunately there ). "So Ryan, what to do in the neck of the world? " That rang with a smile his hand on my shoulder and smiled, this certainly has a lot. "Got a bike? Cuz to the center of the community that it is," I said quietly : " Yes, I think I can go, they get from my house, if you like," he said cheerfully, standing up and stretch again, passing on my face. " You should come, it might be fun," he smiled and walked to my bike and hopped on. "Ry Race me !" He smiled and continued :Tomé, and stop completely, to my surprise, I was not crazy, he thought it was funny ! "Okay, you got me, whatcha gonna do Frisk Lolita Nude me?" He laughed. U003c / p u003e u003Cp u003e As much as I liked this guy hot to touch my bike, I decided against it, after all, what happens if he was heterosexual? I smiled and let go, that was the way to his house. After about 5 minutes we were in my neighborhood, unless you turned left, right and landed on one of the smallest duplex. " You live here ?" I was surprised, " yes, being nice is not it? I lived in an apartment in California, so this is a good change," he smiled and got on the bike, so they leaned toward a of the pillars of his door. He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a ring with three keys, and a flashing button labeled with the name of Brian in it. "Classy " he said as he pointed to the key chain, he smiled and tapped me on the shoulder. When we reached the hotel, there was a way up the stairs to a small landing with stairsrunners at opposite ends of which, on the right side was a living room, on the left side was a large kitchen, the smell of freshly cut meat bursts through the house. "It smells like a deli, not like the bits of dead animal, at least," said he sniffed the air. "I never realized, mother loves to cook," smiled Brian, he was just a bit shorter than me. We walked through the kitchen and a small woman standing on a granite cutting ham, looked up, smiled and said : "Brian, I see you already made a friend," I was surprised to consider that this type to be friends ? This is crazy ! "Mom, you just met, but it was only going to ride a bicycle, which is fine with you? " He asked his mother, apparently as easy as I with her. "Oh, of course, back before 6, we find grilled meat, after all, your father is here, so do not want to miss the future", said as he walked to the refrigerator. " Cool Mom ", he said, smiling. "Yes," he agreed and I grabbed his shoulder (the man I love whenthat). He learned quickly from his bike and I have. He said that " a second, is too hot for jeans, I 'm going to change ", "k I'll wait here, do not last long," said strangely happy. "Nonsense, come with me !" He said as he pulled on his arm. "So Brian, " I said, " yes? " He paused, smiling, " how old are you ?". "I have 15 years, turning 16 on December 18 !" He rang me still attracts a flight of stairs. "No way, I have 15 and I 16-17 December! " I was shocked, this guy was so perfect, was still on his birthday. He took me to the left, and took me to the only room ( bathroom down the hall) on the left side of the house. It was as if my room, except it had a double bed, while my room was too small to something big. There was an Alienware desktop with a very nice ( if you're not a techno -geek like me, Alienware tops) team, and an armoire with a TV near. " The room, like mine, only bigger, and you're team is good," I said, sitting in hisd. " Yes, it was to buy luck with that, I worked for Alienware as a child to summer camp, and had a damaged computer, even the sense that there is a crack in the box was damaged, so it is only half price, "he said as he opened a drawer, took a couple of our white shorts and green and bright green shirt. " Of course I like green," I said. "Yes, moss-colored... and my team," he smiled, knowing it was so jealous. "You want me to stay outside while you change ? " I asked nervously (I think too much, do not you think ?). "Stay Close, I do not care what anybody," he said as he unbuttoned his jeans, I tried to look disinterested, but still looking, they are removed, exposing her smooth tanned legs and a cute pair of blue plaid shorts red and I could barely keep his tail out of the corner of the eye, seemed pretty well equipped there! He looked at me, smiled and pulled the shirt with a smooth, revealing her tanned stomach as wOuld putting so fondly. There were the beginnings of the abs nice and cute small nipples, the way that you can always expect in a man so perfect. He slipped into his new clothes and once grabbed my biceps, and dragged me out of his room as if he would not be there for me forever. U003c / p u003e u003Cp u003e ends over a chapter of Brian and me! U003c / p u003e u003Cp u003e comment comment leave a message for u003cA HREF = "mailto: live com vincentlv. " U003e vincentlv live. com u003c / p u003e u003c / BODY u003e u003c / html u003e
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